Types of service requests

Add or modify a thesis supervisor

  • Purpose: Add or modify a supervisor or co-supervisor. 
  • When to submit: As required.
  • Note: The name of the supervisor/co-supervisor must be added in the comments box with the preference (primary supervisor or co-supervisor).

Add or modify a thesis title

  • Purpose: Add/modify a thesis title.
  • When to submit: As required.
  • Note: The thesis title must be added to the comments box.

Exception 10-hour-rule

Deferred mark

  • Purpose: To obtain an extension for submission of a final grade.
  • When to submit: Within ten (10) working days of receiving the contested grade.
  • Form to attach: Request for a Deferred Mark 

Leave of absence

Extension of the time limit

Progress report

  • Purpose: Submit an Annual Research Progress Report.
  • When to submit: Submission will vary depending on the term and program of study. 
  • Forms to attach: Annual Research Progress Report 

Modification or cancellation of registration


Register in a directed research

Register as an auditor

Request an exception to your program of study

Change your program

Change the classification

Withdraw from the program.

Form to attach: Modification/Cancellation of Registration

When to submit: As required.

List of examiners for evaluation of the thesis

  • Purpose: Submit list of examiners for thesis written and oral evaluations. 
  • When to submit: One month prior to submitting the thesis for evaluation.
  • Forms to attach:

      LLM: List of Examiners for the Evaluation of the Thesis 

       PhD: List of Examiners for the Evaluation of the Thesis, An abstract of the thesis, The external examiner’s CV, Conflict of Interest form

Submission of thesis for evaluation

  • Purpose: Submit the thesis for evaluation.
  • When to submit:
    • Initial thesis submission for evaluation.
    • Following the first evaluation of the thesis, if the candidate has decided not to proceed to defence the revised thesis must be resubmitted within 120 days of this decision.
    • Following a Verdict 3 at the first thesis defence, the student must submit the revised thesis for evaluation within three (3) consecutive terms after the initial defence.
  • Forms to attach:
    • A pdf. copy of the thesis.
    • If applicable, Embargo Request form
    • If submitted a revised version of the thesis, candidates are encouraged to include a separate document listing the changes made and identifying the corresponding page numbers in the original thesis as well as in the revised version. Should a candidate decide not to address some of the concerns of the examiners, it is recommended to give the reason for this decision.

Oral Defence

  • Purpose: To confirm that the candidate would like to proceed or not to the defence.
  • When to submit: Within 5 days of receiving the email with the thesis examiners feedback.
  • Forms to attach: Confirmation must be added in the comment box, i.e. "I wish to proceed to defence", or " I have decided to amend my thesis and make revisions, and therefore not to proceed to defence at this time."

Approval of final version of thesis

  • Purpose: Document your supervisor's approval of the revisions made to the initial thesis and their approval of the final thesis for submission to the library.
  • When to submit:
    • Following a Verdict 1 at the oral defence: Within thirty (30) days after the defence.
    • Following a Verdict 2 at the oral defence: Within one hundred and twenty (120) days after the date of the defence to complete the required revisions and to submit the final version of the thesis. The student must register for a term (session) within this 120-day period.
  • Forms to attach: A PDF copy of the final thesis.


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