Types of service requests

Add or modify a Major Research Paper Supervisor

  • Purpose: Add or modify a supervisor / co-supervisor  
  • When to submit: As needed
  • Note: The name of the supervisor/co-supervisor must be added in the comments box with the preference (primary supervisor or co-supervisor).

Exception 10-hour rule

Deferred mark

  • Purpose: To obtain an extension for submission of a final grade.
  • When to submit: Within ten (10) working days of receiving the contested grade.
  • Form to attach: Request for a Deferred Mark 

Leave of absence

Extension of the time limit

  1. Modification or cancellation of registration


Register in a directed research

Register as an auditor

Request an exception to your program of study

Change your program

Change the classification

Withdraw from the program.

Form to attach: Modification/Cancellation of Registration

When to submit: As required.




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