Candidates interested in the Master of Laws can choose to apply for either the LL.M. with Research Paper or the LL.M. with Thesis.  If they choose the LL.M. with Research Paper, they then have the option to apply to: (A) the general LL.M. without concentration:

or (B) one of the nine specialized concentrations currently offered at the graduate level by the Faculty of Law:

Law Clerk Option 

Applicants who are current law clerks or who have recently completed a clerkship can apply to the LLM (Research Paper) under the law clerk option.

International Reciprocity Agreements

Applicants to the LLM interested in the possibility of studying abroad and earning a degree from another institution should consider the opportunities offered by the international reciprocity agreements the Faculty of Law has entered into with the following institutions:

How it works 

Under these reciprocity agreements, the institutions have set out, in advance, courses of study that they agree will meet their respective degree requirements.  The courses of study in question require that students complete a certain amount of credits at each institution and in some cases, take specific courses.  As to be expected, the course load for students who undertake these courses of study is heavier than for a single degree, but because a certain number of the credits taken at one institution are recognized toward the degree at the other institution students are able to complete the requirements of two degrees faster than doing each one separately.  Students who successfully complete the requirements provided for in the agreements are entitled to receive two degrees - one from each institution.

How to apply 

Students who wish to apply to participate in these arrangements must do so through their home institution.  Normally the home institution will be the institution where the applicant applies first,except where students are already currently admitted or enrolled in a program at one of the partner institutions.  In these latter cases, the students must apply through their current institution first and follow the admission procedures applicable there.  Students for whom the University of Ottawa is their home institution who wish to participate in a course of study under an international reciprocity agreement must include a cover letter to that effect with their application for admission to the LLM Program.  

Once the home institution has evaluated its applicants, it selects which candidates will be submitted for consideration by the partner institution.  In order for students to be eligible to participate in a course of study provided for under a reciprocity agreement they must be admitted to both their home institution and the partner institution in the applicable degree program (LLM for the University of Ottawa, LLM or Master II for the foreign institution).

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