About Washington College of Law

The Washington College of Law (WCL) was established as a stand-alone independent law school in 1898. It was the first law school in the world founded distinctly by women and the first one to appoint a female dean of law. It formally became a faculty within AU in 1949 so as to increase its capacity for expansion and its commitment to excellence in legal education.

WCL is located in a modern 6-story facility with 180,000 square feet, built in 1996, which contains all offices, classrooms and the Pence Law Library (more than 200,000 volumes in its collection). It has approximately 1435 students in its J.D. program, 194 students pursuing one of 2 distinct LL.M. streams. WCL is regularly ranked in the top 20 law schools in the US by the US News & World Report assessments of ABA sanctioned law schools.  The College presently sponsors 6 different law journals and 3 law magazines.

WCL’s two main graduate programs, which were initiated in 1980 and 1998 respectively, are the International Legal Studies Program (ILSP) and the Law and Government Program (LGP). These two programs combined focus upon international business, international human rights, international environmental law, international organizations, gender discrimination, NAFTA, administrative law, business and financial law, civil rights, constitutional and government regulatory law.

The Faculty of WCL currently includes 56 full-time members, 23 special faculty appointments and a very large pool of adjunct professors. Twenty-nine full-time professors are associated with the LGP and 24 with the ILSP (along with 40 adjunct professors). The ILSP currently has 170 students from 68 countries in attendance.

For more information about WCL and the ILSP, please consult their website (http://www.wcl.american.edu/).

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