Postdoctoral Studies

The Postdoctoral Research Environment

The University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law is the largest in Canada, boasting a distinguished and diverse assembly of faculty members at the forefront of legal research and education. Through their scholarship, many of our professors have contributed to the transformation of Canada’s legal systems as well as the ways in which law is practiced, taught and conceived.  Our law school boasts a thriving research environment, hosting numerous research chairs, and a broad and deep assortment of centres of research excellence. Located in the heart of downtown Ottawa, within walking distance of Parliament Hill and the Supreme Court of Canada, the University of Ottawa provides the best opportunity in the world to study Canada’s legal systems in English or in French.

Postdoctoral students at the uOttawa Faculty of Law are offered a wide array of opportunities to broaden their specialized research or explore avenues complementary to their training.  Our dynamic and inclusive research environment invites postdocs to take part in invigorating activities such as the new Autumn School on the Methodology of Research in Law, and the Faculty of Law Writing Group.  Postdoctoral fellows also find repeated opportunities to be invited to speak in regular conference series, or to participate in work-in-progress workshops. They can also access the services of the Research Office and benefit from our communications support to disseminate their research and accomplishments. We are proud of the level of excellence displayed by our researchers, and are eager to add new voices to our research enterprise.

Postdoctoral Fellows Co-supervised by a Member of the Faculty of Law

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Register as a Postdoc

A candidate who wishes to apply for a postdoctoral fellowship should contact a professor or researcher who shares her or his research interests and who will act as a fellowship supervisor. Visit the University of Ottawa’s Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website to learn more about becoming a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Ottawa.

Find a Supervisor in Law

Postdoctoral positions are offered by professors or researchers at the University of Ottawa. To find a postdoctoral supervisor at the Civil Law Section, consult the lists of research themes in the Research Expertise section, or on faculty members’ profile pages. To find a postdoctoral supervisor at the Common Law Section, consult the faculty members' profile pages.

Contact us

For questions regarding postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Ottawa, please contact the Office of the Vice-Provost, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at

For questions specifically related to postdocs at the Faculty of Law, please contact

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