Transitional Justice in Burkina Faso, Published in Politique et Société

Posted on Monday, November 25, 2019

HRREC student member Aboubacar Dakuyo published an article entitled "Insurrection populaire et justice transitionnelle au Burkina Faso : Entre dynamique « révolutionnaire » et réalisme politique" ("Popular insurrection and transitional justice in Burkina Faso: between "revolutionary" dynamics and political realism") in Politique et Société.

Aboubacar’s article contributes to the general debate on the processes underpinning transitional justice by analyzing the content and interplay of both the “revolutionary” and transitional dynamics in Burkina Faso. In seeking to understand why certain dynamics are favoured over others in the processes of transitional justice, he argues that transitional justice is fundamentally a political field in which power relations are exercised between different actors, all of them trying to direct the process for the benefit of their own political interests.

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