Graduate Student Semie Sama Publishes Chapter in Book on Underdevelopment in Africa

Posted on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Doctoral student Semie Sama has authored a chapter of a new book entitled Development Perspectives from the South:  Troubling the Metrics of (Under-)development in Africa.

Ms. Sama’s chapter is called “Globalisation and Land-grabbing in Africa:  The Implications of Large-scale Agricultural Investments for Rural Populations in Cameroon, Nigeria and Tanzania”.  Since 2008, there have been wide-ranging debates over the access, use, and control rights of millions of hectares of land in Africa, including the resources beneath it.  The competing views of foreign investors and indigenous subsistence farmers raise questions about how best to promote social development, protect the environment, and encourage economic growth in recipient countries.

Ms. Sama’s chapter produces a body of evidence-based knowledge that fills in many of the data and research gaps in the debate.  It discusses key factors motivating land-grabbing, the frameworks within which such investments are established, and the impacts of such investments on subsistence communities in Cameroon, Nigeria, and Tanzania.

Click here to view Ms. Sama’s chapter (and the book itself) on Google Books.

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