Faculty of Law Graduate Student Awarded Jacques Frémont Scholarship

Posted on Friday, May 4, 2018

Faculty of Law graduate student Kun Hui has been awarded a Jacques Frémont Scholarship for International Graduate Students.


The scholarship, created by President and Vice-Chancellor Jacques Frémont, aims to financially support international students enrolled in graduate programs at the Faculty of Law or the Faculty of Social Sciences. Their research or areas of study must be primarily concerned with “North-South problems, international cooperation, issues of importance in the developing world, or any other topic concerning relations between have and have-not countries, human rights, democracy or conflict resolution with an eye to development.” The scholarship is valued at $5,000.


Mr. Hui has been a graduate student at the Faculty of Law since September 2015. His proposed Ph.D. thesis will investigate the boundary between the Chinese state and Chinese state-owned enterprises under the customary international law of sovereign immunity. The main questions that Mr. Hui will examine are whether China’s position on absolute immunity is changing to bring it in line with other states and international legal rules, and to what extent State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) are part of the state such that they can take advantage of sovereign immunity.


In his letter of reference, Common Law Professor Anthony VanDuzer stated that Mr. Hui’s work will produce fresh insights in the scope of sovereign immunity in China, including its application to SOEs. “No other scholar has rigorously examined the nature of SOEs from this point of view. As someone who reads and speaks Mandarin, Mr. Hui is well positioned to carry out this work.”


Congratulations to Mr. Hui!

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