Malgorzata Swietczak 2002 – 2003

After graduation from the University of Ottawa in 2002, Malgorzata began working at the Warsaw University Civil Law Institute as a teaching Professor. In the year 2004, she started working at the Bureau of the Commissionner for Civil Rights in Poland, soon becoming a Deputy Director of the Civil Law Department, where she still works today. At work, she concentrates on analyzing Polish law (civil law, civil procedure, real estate & investment law, family law) in order to identify and solve general systemic problems, in particular from the constitutional point of view, to help civilians towards the authorities and powers. This includes applications to the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court and motions to the government pointing out the necessity to amend the law, as it proves to be unconstitutional or just unfair. Malgorzata is also a member of the Polish Jury Selection Committe for the Edward Barry McDougall Memorial Scholarship. From time to time, she publishes articles and analyses in Polish professional legal magazines, and her research paper prepared at UofO was also published in Revue General de Droit.

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