Lindsey McKay (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2017-2018)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2017-2018)

Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics
Faculty of Law
University of Ottawa



I am a sociologist specializing in the political economy of health, medicine, and care work. I completed my PhD at Carleton University in Ottawa following a near decade-long career in public policy. My research addresses issues of social equality, policy and ethics. I have a collaborative research agenda on care work, specifically parental leave, with Drs. Andrea Doucet (CRC, Brock University) and Sophie Mathieu (University of Montréal), and a longstanding individual research program on organ donation for transplantation.

My postdoctoral fellowship, under the supervision of Prof. Jennifer Chandler, allows me to broaden my research on deceased organ donation. Through work with her and on multidisciplinary teams, I am adding legal and ethical lenses to my sociological and political economy training.

My primary project during my fellowship examines the potential and limitations of what are called ‘Pre-Mortem’ Interventions for deceased organ donation. This set of medical interventions have the potential to expand opportunities for organ donation but are not practiced in many settings due to medical, legal, social and ethical issues. My original contribution will be a qualitative socio-legal study of health care provider attitudes towards Pre-Mortem Interventions.

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