Konrad Osajda 2005 – 2006

Konrad Osajda graduated at Warsaw University (PhD, LLM) and Ottawa University (LLM). Currently he is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. He is also a member of prestigious organizations, particularly the European Law Institute, the Academy of Young Scientists set up by the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Law Sciences Committee.
Dr. Osajda is editor in chief of the forthcoming Great Commentary to the Polish Civil Code (6 volumes). He authored several books and large number of articles published in peer reviewed law journals. He specializes in Polish private law and comparative law. His main fields of research are: law of wills and succession (his doctoral thesis was on comparative succession law), commercial and corporate law, and contract law.
Konrad Osajda received many awards and scholarships. Particularly, he was a recipient of the Edward Barry McDougall Memorial Scholarship (2005), the Foundation for Polish Science Scholarship (2006, 2007), the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and Private International Law Scholarship (2011), and the Polish Ministry of Science Scholarship for the Most Promising Young Scientists (2012). One of his book (on directors’ liability in limited liability companies) received an award called “Gold Wings” – award for the best thesis on commercial and corporate law published in 2008 in Poland. In addition to his academic career, Dr. Osajda works for the Supreme Court of Poland (since 2007). Previously he was a justice’s assistant, and in 2010 he became a Full Member of the Studies & Analyses Office.
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