International Trade and Foreign Investment - International Reciprocity Agreements with Rennes 1 University

Applicants to the LLM interested in the possibility of studying abroad and earning a degree from another institution should consider the opportunities offered by the University of Ottawa’s (UO) Faculty of Law’s international reciprocity agreement with Université Rennes 1.

Under this reciprocity agreement, the institutions have set out, in advance, courses of study that they agree will meet their respective degree requirements.  The courses of study in question require that students complete a certain amount of credits at each institution.  Students who successfully complete the requirements provided for in the agreement are entitled to receive two degrees - one from each institution.

Who Can Apply

In order to be eligible to apply students must hold either hold:

  • the students of Rennes 1 University must have completed and obtained a diploma in law equivalent to the Master 1 (or of master for the transitory period) of a French University or of a third-party University whose undergraduate degrees in law are specifically recognized by the University of Ottawa.


  • University of Ottawa students must have completed and obtained a common law or civil law degree from a Canadian university or a third-party University whose undergraduates degrees in law are specifically recognized by the University of Rennes 1.The institution to which applicants submit their initial application is considered the applicant’s home institution:

Given the requirements of the courses of study provided for under this IRA, students must have sufficient language skills to be able to study in French while at the Université Rennes 1 and, in English at the University of Ottawa.


Application Procedure

  • In addition to the general requirements, he must include a cover letter indicating why they wish to participate in the IRA with AMU and which course of study they wish to take.  Confirm that you meet the LL.M. with research paper, without concentration admission requirements.
  • Every admission file must include a proof of English language proficiency (i.e. TOEFL). The required results of the TOEFL test are as follows: 100 (internet version, with a minimum of 24 in the “writing” section), 250 (electronic version), 600 (printed version).
  • The admission conditions and procedures relative to the completion of a successful admissions application to the Rennes 1 University program can be obtained by sending an email to All admission files must include a proof of French language proficiency; the required level is B2 advanced (according to the grid of the European Council).


Courses of Study

The course of study has compulsory and elective elements.  To see the detailed requirements, click on the applicable title below:

International Business and Foreign Investment Law


Tuition and incidental fees

Université Rennes 1 students must :
  • pay tuition fees and related expenses to the University of Ottawa for two (2) full-time Graduate Studies sessions (Winter and Summer)
  • they will receive the  Differential tuition fee exemption.  That means that their tuition fees will be reduced to those paid by Canadian citizens and permanent residents. They must, however, pay the related expenses and mandatory third-party fees (ex: universal bus pass, health and/or dental insurance) as regular Canadian students.
The University of Ottawa students must:
  • pay the required tuition fees and related expenses to the Université of Rennes 1 for two (2) full-time registration (Fall and summer) in the graduate studies program. They must pay the same tuition fees as French students.
Other expenses

All students who participate in the course of study under the IRA with Université Rennes 1 are directly responsible for making the necessary arrangements to cover the cost of accommodation, international travel, visas, domestic travel in the host country, books, equipment, consumables, hospitalization, health insurance (while at UO, students must enrol in the UHIP plan or have equivalent coverage) and other incidental expenses.

Still have questions?

For more information about the IRA, the courses of study and all academic or admission matters, please contact the Graduate Studies in Law office.

For information for foreign students wishing to study in Ottawa, please consult the UO International Office, which consolidates the information and services provided to foreign students coming the University.






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