Students’ responsibilities

It is the responsibility of all students registering in the Faculty of Law
  1. to become familiar with the specific requirements for their degree and with the academic regulations;
  2. to ensure that the courses chosen meet all the program requirements and the requirements for graduation;
  3. to ensure that they have completed the prerequisite(s) for courses chosen;
  4. to ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts for the courses they have chosen;
  5. to meet all the deadlines indicated in the University Calendar as well as the Faculty of Law dates and deadlines
  6. you must register for each term in which you intend to take courses or pursue research for credit
  7. if you remain unregistered for three consecutive terms without having secured an approved Leave of absence you will be presumed to have withdrawn and your file will be closed without further notice
  8. once you have begun work on continuing activity (the thesis, or major research paper) you are required to maintain registration in the activity until you have completed all of the related requirements
  9. verify Ottawa email accounts. All communications with student is done through their Ottawa Univeristy email account
  10. attend regular meetings with his/her thesis or research paper supervisor(s)to ensure progress and development and progress. Inform his/her supervisor of any problematic situation that could affect the progress of your research
  11. conduct his/her research in accordance with regulations and procedures outlined by the research ethics committee
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