Current students

Thesis/Final Research Paper


Minimum Standards
The passing grade in all courses is C+. Students who fail two courses (equivalent to 6 credits), or the research proposal, or the thesis proposal, or whose research progress is deemed unsatisfactory, must withdraw from the program.


Graduate registration
Modification / Cancellation of registration
Request for leave of absence
Request for an extension of the time limit to complete the requirements of a graduate degree (Students submitting an extension must also submit a plan of study and a progress report)
Annual research progress report
Plan of study
Request for an exception to the 10-hour rule
Request for diploma and registration for degree
Course Attendance Form


Travel Grants
Conference travel grants
Research travel grant
Reimbursement of Travel Expenses for Faculty of Law


Research Paper (DCL7066)
DCL7066-Confirmation of Research Paper Topic and evaluator 
DCL7066-Statement of Research Paper Supervisor for the submission of research paper for evaluation
DCL7066-Evaluation of research paper
Directed research (DCL7033)

Request DCL7033-Directed Research

Evaluation DCL7033- Directed Research


FORM A  - DCL 9998 Confirmation of Thesis Committee Members and Reading List
FORM B - DCL 9998 Written Examination Evaluation Report
FORM C - DCL 9998 Written Examination Comments
FORM D - DCL 9998 Oral Examination Evaluation Report
FORM E - DCL 9998 Oral Examination Comments
FORM F - DCL 9997 Thesis Proposal Evaluation Report
FORM G - DCL 9997 Thesis Proposal Comment


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