Current students

Thesis/Final Research Paper


Minimum Standards
The passing grade in all courses is C+. Students who fail two courses (equivalent to 6 credits), or the research proposal, or the thesis proposal, or whose research progress is deemed unsatisfactory, must withdraw from the program.


Graduate registration
Modification / Cancellation of registration
Request for leave of absence
Request for an extension of the time limit to complete the requirements of a graduate degree
Annual research progress report
Plan of study
Request for an exception to the 10-hour rule
Request for diploma and registration for degree


Travel Grants
Conference travel grants
Research travel grant
Reimbursement of Travel Expenses for Faculty of Law


Research paper (DCL7066)
DCL7066-Confirmation of Research Paper Topic and evaluator 
DCL7066-Statement of Research Paper Supervisor for the submission of research paper for evaluation
DCL7066-Evaluation of research paper
Directed research (DCL7033)
DCL7033 -Confirmation of directed research 
FORM A  - DCL 9998 Confirmation of Thesis Committee Members and Reading List
FORM B - DCL 9998 Written Examination Evaluation Report
FORM C - DCL 9998 Written Examination Comments
FORM D - DCL 9998 Oral Examination Evaluation Report
FORM E - DCL 9998 Oral Examination Comments
FORM F - DCL 9997 Thesis Proposal Evaluation Report
FORM G - DCL 9997 Thesis Proposal Comment


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